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Fire Systems

Our Fire System Solutions

By carefully matching technology to application our complete range of fire life safety solutions are designed to prevent, detect and contain fire and where necessary enable a safe and timely escape.

Fire Detection Systems

Fire Alarms

Design, supply, installation and maintenance of commercial Fire Alarm Systems.

Fire Detection Systems

Aspirating Smoke Detection and Wireless Fire Detection Systems solutions.

Automatic Opening Vents

Designed to help ventilate and extract smoke from buildings during emergencies.

EVC Systems

Emergency Voice Communications or Disabled Refuge Systems are designed for use in buildings that contain refuge areas.

Emergency Lighting

Essential for ensuring lighting is provided during an emergency situation.

Evacuation Alert Systems

Designed to help enable the phased evacuation of an area, floor or building in the safest possible way.

Fire Alarm Cause And Effect Testing

All modern complex buildings must design and integrate fire detection and suppression systems within a comprehensive fire strategy and risk assessment framework.

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