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Automatic Opening Vents

Automatic Opening Vents (AOVs) are designed to help ventilate and extract dangerous smoke from buildings escape routes during emergencies and in the event of a fire to facilitate the safe escape of occupants.

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Ensuring Safety With Effective Smoke Control

Specialising in AOVs and Smoke Ventilation systems for residential blocks, we prioritise your safety and peace of mind.

In compliance with fire safety regulations, commercial and multiple occupancy buildings are required to maintain clear escape routes free from smoke, facilitating safe evacuation for occupants and aiding access for first responders during emergencies.

Why Choose AOV Systems from FAFS Fire & Security?

Specialising in AOVs and Smoke Ventilation systems for residential blocks, we prioritise your safety and peace of mind.

Understanding the Importance of AOV Systems

AOV systems play a crucial role in fire safety, ensuring compliance with Approved Document B (ADB). These systems facilitate early warning of fire, provide means of escape and limit the ingress of smoke to escape routes, supporting the safety of occupants and firefighters.

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How AOV Systems Work

Integrated with alarm or detector systems, AOVs activate in the event of a fire. Opening actuators, windows, or vents, they create ventilation to clear smoke and heat, aiding the safe and swift evacuation of occupants and minimising damage.

Benefits of AOV Systems

Maintenance and Compliance

Under UK law, smoke ventilation systems must undergo regular inspections and maintenance to ensure compliance. Our service agreements include bi-annual inspections, ensuring your system remains operational and compliant.

We adhere to regulations and standards such as Building Regulations – Approved Document B, BS 7346, BS 5588, BS 9999, and BS 9991, enabling you to fulfill your obligations under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

How We Can Help

Contact us for expert advice on implementing a maintenance and inspection regime for your smoke ventilation system. Our 24-hour emergency call-out service and technical support ensure prompt assistance in case of system faults or failures.

At FAFS Fire & Security, your safety is our priority. Contact us today for reliable AOV solutions tailored to your building’s needs.

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