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VESDA Systems

Very Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection

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Early Detection with VESDA Technology

Our Very Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems come in various models to suit diverse environments and applications. Among these, VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) stands out as a leading brand, pioneered by Xtralis.

Aspirating Systems

How VESDA Works

With continuous air sampling, VESDA systems offer unparalleled early warning capabilities, providing precious time for intervention and minimising business disruption, damage and associated costs. Whether it’s a small, confined space or a large, open area, VESDA detectors ensure reliable, high-sensitivity smoke detection with even minute amounts of smoke detected so that fires can be controlled or extinguished before escalating.

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Our ASD systems find wide applications in various critical environments, including:


With FAFS Fire & Security, you can trust in state-of-the-art ASD technology to protect your valuable assets and ensure the safety of your premises. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative fire detection solutions

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