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Wireless Fire Detection Systems

Cutting-Edge Protection Made Easy. Our wireless fire detection systems provide a safe and economical alternative to Waking Watch, particularly during cladding issue resolution.

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Our Wireless Fire Detection Solution

Welcome to the future of fire safety with modern wireless fire alarm systems. Utilising state-of-the-art radio technology, these systems offer immediate and cost-effective solutions while minimising disruption to buildings and surroundings.

Cost-Effective Alternative to Waking Watch

 With rapid installation, these systems swiftly cover entire buildings, offering residents comprehensive protection and peace of mind in just days.

Efficient Functionality

Operating similarly to hard-wired systems, our wireless fire detection systems feature control panels, detectors, manual call points and electronic sounders. The difference lies in communication, utilising radio waves for seamless transmission.

Ideal for situations where rewiring is impractical or impossible, these systems feature battery-powered sounders and call points, ensuring usability in areas lacking power points. Encrypted channels guarantee reliable signal transmission, while repeater units and extension aerials extend coverage for properties of any size.

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Benefits of Wireless Fire Detection Systems

Our Expertise

At FAFS Fire & Security, we’ve successfully implemented hundreds of wireless fire detection and alarm systems in high-rise residential buildings. Our experience ensures efficient installation with minimal disturbance, providing residents with optimal protection.

Take the Next Step

Let us assist you in selecting the right fire detection and alarm solution for your building. Contact us to learn more about the differences between each system type, empowering you to offer maximum protection to residents. Call us today to secure your property’s safety.

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