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Commercial Sprinklers

From initial design, installation and commissioning through to on-going maintenance, we help to protect people and property through a Commercial Fire Sprinklers solution that is fully compliant with the latest standards.

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Sprinklers Save Lives

At FAFS Fire & Security, we specialise in providing commercial fire sprinkler systems tailored to the unique needs of commercial and industrial properties. Whether it’s manufacturing units, retail parks, shopping centers, or office complexes, we’ve got you covered.

We work hand-in-hand with LPCB certified Service Partners, ensuring that our experienced teams not only showcase our capability but also our accountability to delivering projects to the highest standards, in full compliance with legislation.

Specialised Solutions

It’s crucial to note that fire sprinkler systems require regular inspection and testing, typically on an annual basis. Our routine maintenance procedures guarantee that systems remain compliant and fully operational in case of an emergency. All our commercial sprinkler systems are serviced to BS EN 12845 standards, involving both major and minor visits each year to uphold their integrity and reliability.

We're Here to Protect What Matters Most

At FAFS Fire & Security, our dedication extends beyond mere provision – we’re passionate about raising awareness regarding the paramount importance of residential fire sprinkler systems. We firmly believe that these systems are indispensable in safeguarding residential buildings and dwellings, ultimately serving as crucial lifesaving tools.

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